Freak - Fanmix for Asexual SPN Mini Bang

Title: Freak
Author: canonisrelative
Artist: andrea_deer
# of songs: 12
character/pairing: Sam Winchester, Sam/Ruby, Sam/Others, can be viewed as hinting at Sam/Dean
Warnings: angsty, a bit creepy
Additional Info: asexual character (Sam Winchester)

Link to fic master post: here

Author’s Notes: My signing up for this challenge was extremely random and spontanous, but I'm super glad that I did. I really liked canonisrelative's story and I enjoyed working on this project with her. It's always great when random chance and unsuspecting mods bring you a new friend. ;)

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28 Sherlock Icons - Mostly Season 3

I need to finally stop posting icons that are waiting on my computer for better days or bigger batches.

subject: Sherlock bbc (mostly season 3) (a lot of Anderson, Sally and Mary)
number of icons: 28


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Comments are always welcome and credit is mandatory, enjoy! :)

Jon Stewart Wallpapers (9+Alts=14)

Here are wallpapers for r_a_j_ka, which are my repayment for the help she offered, when I posted my fund me post. The rest of participants/helpers/funders asked for fics and that is precisely what they will get. Graphic challenge was somewhat easier to finish. Or at least quicker. Enjoy everyone, especially you, r_a_j_ka! :) Thanks for your help, love. :) *hugs*

Wallpapers size: 1366x768 as requested. Click for bigger versions.

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If you like my work and have a few free bucks, consider getting a comission fanwork done for you. (Rules and payments would be the same as in fund me post.) Feel free to contact me via comment or PM about the details.

Please fund me?

Hi, guys, I need your help. I've decided to attempt to finish my studies. Sadly, I need some help with it. (I describe it in more details here, on my personal journal.)

Dream goal here is 450$ (it would allow me to live on safely, without any debts), but 300$ would keep me afloat until the paycheck in March and anything less would help me minimalize the damage and would still be highly appreciated.
Now, so you don't ever think you're not appreciated. I admit that I won't be able to give you any gifts for this help until I'm done with the thesis, but I promise that by the end of the year you will get something. (Besides my eternal gratefulness, obviously.)

5$ will give you a fic of at least 500 words.
10$ will give you a fic of at least 3.000 words.
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In each case you get a say about the fandom/plot/pairings/etc.

If you pay extra, I'm willing to join a new fandom to write you something. (The list of my current fandoms is here.) (Other fanworks like fanmixes, icons, etc. also could be offered.)

Remember: I may not be a very good author, but I'm determined here and also I consider writing rare/weird/unconventional ships and pairings a personal challenge of mine, so if you had this one idea you wanted to commission, but had no one to go to - this is your chance.

I'm totally grateful to you if you decide to donate, signal boost this or even if you just read that and not thought about me as of terrible whiny leech. Thank you all. :*

Mirror, Mirror (Star Trek AOS, Mirror!Verse Mix)

Mirror, Mirror
# of songs: 10
character/pairing: gen
fandom: Star Trek - I thought more AOS
Warnings: mirror!verse, violence, dark!characters and all other Mirror!verse appropriate warnings.
prompt: Made for 1lastdanceluv, for the trick or treat meme.

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